Contract Manufacturing

Contract ManufacturingBased on a clients' individual needs and requests. Our services include mechanical, electronic, prototyping services, new product introduction, test development, final system box build ……

PCB Assembly

PCB AssemblyWe maintain high quality ISO 9000 standards.This commitment to quality means our customers receive the highest quality products worldwide ……

Flexible Printed Circuit

Flexible rinted CircuitFPC is a kind of printed circuit, which possessed with high reliability, best flexibility and be made from Ployimide and Polyester film, this kind of printed circuits

Membrane Switch

Membrane SwitchMembrane Switch, in simple terms, is a momentary switching device in which at least one contact is on or made of, a flexible substrate.

LED Lighting

LED LightingLED (Light Emitting Diode) lamp (also called LED bar or Illuminator) is a type of solid state lighting (SSL) that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as the source of light. They usually comprise clusters of LEDs in a suitable housing. They come in different shapes……

Circuit Design

Circuit DesignAll you have to do is to give us your product schematic, and we will accomplish the following works for you:

Testing Solution

Testing SolutionOnlitex serves a variety of industries including the defense, industrial, data storage, test & measurement, broadband, medical and telecommunications industries

Products Exhibition

Products ExhibitionAll necessary tests are done in-house giving our customers full confidence in our on time delivery commitments. We can guarantee complete product security and confidentiality ……