PCB Assembly

In the competitive PCB Assembly market, being a superior PCB Assembly supplier is not easy. ONLITEX emphasize on the quality of PCB Assembly design and production. Our experienced and dedicated engineers strive to bring innovation in the manufacturing. The processes and products which conform to international standards such as ISO9001:2000, AOI, ICT anf FCT to ensure excellent PCB Assembly free from defeats and faults. We have exported our products to many countries for years. The constant quality and customers' satisfaction have got us a good reputation of a dependable PCB Assembly supplier. Please keep reading the following about our services:

- PCB Layout Design
- Sample & Prototype Building
- PCB Assembly
- System Assembly & Box Building
- Material Sourcing Service

Among our customers are OEMs, design houses, component agents and R&D's departments of various electronics companies.

PCB Layout Design
All you have to do is to give us your product schematic, and we will accomplish the following works for you:
- Circuit board layout
- Bill of Material (BOM) generation
- Material Sourcing
- Sample building

PCBA Sample & Prototype Building
Our service will provide solutions to your schedule, cost and quality problems:
- On-line mounting to avoid potential quality problems of hand-soldering SMT components.
- Material sourcing and buying to lighten extra burden of buyers and engineers when they handle sample & prototype building jobs.
- Real-time feedback and suggestion of any manufacturing and material problems.
- Quick turn-around time for mission-critical projects.
- Solid product quality through visual inspection, ICT test and function test.

PCB Assembly & System Assembly
- Material sourcing
- PCB assembly , Dual sides SMT , Dual Sides DIP
- Function test
- Finish product assembly
- Box Building

Material Sourcing Service
We provide the following services:
- Hard-to-find parts searching and buying
- Price benchmarking & negotiation
- Market intelligence collection
- Small-quantity purchasing
- Order expediting
- Source Inspection
- Proactive second source evaluation/suggestion

Production Capabilities
The major equipments of our manufacturing facility:
- High speed SMT line x 4
- Wave soldering line x 2
- AOI x 1
- X-ray x 1
- ICT with testjet x 2
- Traditional insertion line x 2
- Functional test line x 2
- System assembly and Box Building line x 2

Quality Control
Our factory is ISO9001:2000 certified.All of our production process is compliant IPC-A-610D standard. AOI, ICT (in-circuit test) and function test are utilized to ensure robust product quality. Quality control tools are also used for continuous quality improvement. AQL0.65 is our standard sampling plan but we can work on strict sampling plan according to customer' s request.