PCB Manufacturers Compete for Focus

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                 High end PCBs are becoming the focus of competition among many manufacturers. Recently, relevant projects in multiple regions have also been signed and started, indicating that the high-frequency, high-speed, high-rise, and high-end PCB market may continue to flourish.

                 With the rapid development of global electronic information technology, the accelerated evolution of application scenarios such as 5G, AL, cloud computing, and big data has put forward higher requirements for PCB performance, such as high-frequency, high-speed, high-voltage, heat resistance, and low loss. This has led to strong demand for products such as large-sized, high-rise, high-order HDI, and high-frequency high-speed PCBs. Many companies have a full range of layouts in high-speed products, including Mid loss, Low loss, Very low loss, Ultra low loss Extreme Low loss and higher grade materials. Regular servers and A servers have been verified by the company to form a batch supply, and orders are gradually increasing. The shipment situation is determined based on the release of orders from the terminal. At present, major terminals are also starting to pre develop extremely low loss materials, and major server manufacturers have begun to evaluate the next generation of products. The company's product planning is very clear, and it is being certified in accordance with terminal and PCB requirements. The company's ultra-low loss materials were launched the year before last, verified and promoted at key overseas and domestic terminals.

                    The company's PCB products are mainly used in the fields of automotive electronics and high-frequency communication. The company will continuously improve its process level based on industry development trends and customer needs

                     In the view of analysts from Toubao Research Institute, ChatGPT has become popular and opened up market space for AJ servers. With the increasing demand for computing power, the demand for HLC and high-end HDI products with high multi layer boards will continue to rise. At the same time, the development of new energy vehicles has led to the rapid growth of PCBs for high-speed vehicles. HD and high-end FPC products are driven by ADAS, intelligent cabins, and battery soft boards, with strong growth momentum. It is understood that Pengding Holdings (002938. sz) utilizes existing high-frequency and high-speed product technology to promote the development of high-order HDI. Shengyi Technology is committed to tackling the technical challenges of high-frequency and high-speed packaging substrates and continues to obtain important certifications in HDI and other fields. Shenghong Technology (300476. sz) has launched multiple AI server related PCB products such as high-order HDI and high-frequency and high-speed PCB. The company stated that it will closely follow the market development trend, Continuing to promote the deep layout of the A server field and the investment direction in the industry suggest a clear prospect for high multi layer boards. According to data released by CINNO Research, in the first half of this year, investment funds in the Chinese (including Taiwan) circuit board industry mainly flowed to multi layer boards, with an amount of approximately 82.6 billion yuan, accounting for 58.3%.

                  That high multi layer boards are currently recognized as mainstream products in the circuit board market, with high market demand and profit margins, indicating that the trend of diversified, high-end, precision, and flexible development in the circuit board industry is still frequent. On September 16th, the Zhibo Xin High Multilayer 5G Communication Circuit Board Production Base project, with a total investment of 5 billion yuan, began construction. The project will be divided into two phases and will achieve an annual production of 15 million square meters of high multi-layer 5G communication circuit boards after reaching full capacity. On September 19th, the Zhongteng High end Circuit Board Industrial Park project in Rongxian, Guangxi signed a contract, with a planned total investment of 2 billion yuan, and an annual production of high-end electronic accessory products such as circuit boards (high-end FCBGA/BGA/LGA carrier boards, high-end FPC, multi-layer circuit boards, double-layer circuit boards, and single-layer circuit boards). On the same day, Chengrui Circuit Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 825 million yuan, started the annual production of 1.8 million square meters of high-precision printed circuit boards (including the production capacity of 1.2 million square meters of multi-layer (new energy vehicle) circuit boards). High multi layer boards are the development direction and transformation driving force of the circuit board industry. Li Mei stated that high multilayer boards have advantages such as high-speed, high-frequency, high-density, and high reliability, which can meet the needs of emerging technologies such as 5G, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing. They have high adaptability and flexibility, and can adapt to a wide range of downstream applications such as automobiles, healthcare, communication, computers, and aviation. High multilayer boards also have high integration and functionality, which can help promote the miniaturization and lightweight development of electronic products It is a profit growth point in the circuit board industry, with high added value and high profit margin, which can help enhance the competitiveness and market share of enterprises. At present, Zhongjing Electronics  has the production capacity of various high-frequency and high-speed materials such as HLC and high-order HDI boards. The company is currently cooperating with relevant customers to carry out PCB sample verification for low orbit satellite communication in interactive Yicheng. It was disclosed in the semi annual report that the high frequency high-speed arbitrary order HDI production and world transportation circuit (603920.SH), cloud data center, AI big computing module, edge computing and other high multilayer ultra-low loss PCBs have achieved mass production. At present, the maximum number of mass production layers is 24, and 28 layer products have also been able to manufacture. 

                     Market analysis suggests that the proportion of high-end products in China is relatively low, and with the localization of high-end PCB products in China, the market space is expected to expand. Prismark data shows that currently, the output value of medium and low layer PCB in China accounts for 47.8%, while the output value of mid to high end PCB products accounts for only about 10%. The proportion of mid to high end products in the United States, Japan, and Asia is as high as 68.6%, 80.4%, and 84.7%.


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