Aluminum PCB

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Aluminum PCB 

  PCB aluminum-based copper plate is a metal circuit board material, consisting of copper foil, thermal conductivity insulation layer and metal substrate. Its structure is divided into three layers:

Circuit layer: equivalent to the copper cover plate of ordinary PCB, the wiring thickness of the wiring is 1oz to 10oz.

Insulation layer: The insulation layer is a layer of low heat resistance thermal conductive material. Thickness: 0.003 “to 0.006” inch. It is the core technology of aluminum -based copper plates, and has obtained UL certification.

Base layer: It is a metal substrate, usually aluminum or copper. Aluminum-based copper plates and traditional epoxy glass laminate plates, etc.

PCBA        LV PCB

  The PCB aluminum substrate consists of the circuit layer, thermal conductivity insulating layer, and metal base; the circuit layer (i.e., copper foil) is usually carved to form a printing circuit, so that the components of the component are connected to each other. In general, the circuit layer requires a large load flow. Ability, thicker copper foil should be used, with a thickness of 35 μm ~ 280 μm;

Thermal conductivity is the core technology of PCB aluminum substrate. It is usually composed of a special polymer filled with special ceramics. It has small thermal resistance, excellent viscosity, and has the ability to resist aging and can withstand mechanical and thermal stress. The insulation layer of high-performance PCB aluminum substrates such as IMS-H01, IMS-H02 and LED-0601 uses this technology to make it have extremely excellent thermal conductivity and high-strength electrical insulation performance;

  Metal substrates are the supporting components of aluminum substrates. They require high thermal conductivity. They are usually aluminum plates. Copper plates can also be used ( copper plates can provide better thermal conductivity), which is suitable for routine mechanical processing such as drilling, cutting and cutting. PCB materials have unparalleled advantages over other materials. Suitable for power component surface stickers SMT public art. No radiator is required, the volume is greatly reduced, the heat dissipation effect is excellent, good insulation and mechanical properties.

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