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Contract Manufacturing

Since 2005, Onlitex Electronic has been providing full turnkey electronics contract manufacturing service (EMS). We offer total solution to customer’s manufacturing needs. Our customers mainly including companies from consumer, security and safety, industrial, medical, network, Automation, measurement and counter device sectors. Some products we made are often requested to operate in harsh or hostile environments when quality and reliability are critical.
Our capabilities and services:

- Production of customer designed components
- PCB layout and fabrication
- SMD assembly and through hole components insertion
- IC pre-programing
- Function verification and burn in testing
- Complete Unit assembly ( which including plastics ,metal box, cables, inside etc)
- Conformal Coating, Encapsulating and Potting
- Engineering including end of life components, obsolete component replacement
and design support for circuit, metal and plastic enclosure, gift package
- Logistic arrange for import and export from China, Singapore, Vietnam and India.
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