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BMS Protect Board

Personalized customization of lithium battery protection board
Battery type (Li-ion, LifePo4, LTO), determine the battery cell resistance, how many series and how many parallel connections?
Determine whether the battery pack is charged through the same port or a separate port. The same port means the same wire for charging and discharging. The separate port means the charging and discharging wires are independent.
Determine the current value required for the protection board: I=P/U, that is, current = power/voltage, continuous operating voltage, continuous charge and discharge current, and size.
Balancing is to make the voltages of the batteries in each string of the battery pack not much different, and then discharge the battery through the balancing resistor to make the voltages of the batteries in each string tend to be consistent.
Temperature control protection: protect the battery pack by testing the temperature of the battery.
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