Charge Standard of PCBA Rapid Sampling

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Here is a formula for the charging standard of PCBA rapid proofing, people can roughly understand a charging standard of PCBA rapid sampling system according to this formula.

The formula is: (A + B + C + D + E + F) * G * H + J + K =  Rapid Sampling Price.

Among them, A = PCB cost, B = material cost, C = processing cost, D = cost of conformal coating, E= test cost, F= packaging logistics, G = quantity of proofing goods, H = reasonable profit, J = PCB engineering cost, K = engineering cost.

The above formula is a reference. The charge items should be adjusted according to the actual needs of the products. For example, if some products do not need to be sprayed with conformal coating, then we can not calculate the cost of conformal coating spraying.


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