Dissolve in water! Infineon testing degradable PCB board

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             Recently, Infineon officially announced that it is testing a biodegradable PCB substrate called "Soluboard" based on natural fibers and halogens.

           It is reported that after the Soluboard material is immersed in warm water, the polymer will begin to dissolve, and the composite material layer will layer, leaving a compostable organic material.

          The residual water after dissolving the polymer can be safely treated like ordinary wastewater without causing additional environmental pollution.

           While biodegradable, about 90% of the components attached to the circuit board can also be recycled.

           It is reported that the Soluboard circuit board was developed by British startup Jiva Materials, and co founder Jonathan Swanston stated that this water-based recycling process for PCB boards can improve the recovery rate of precious metals.

             Meanwhile, Jiva Materials stated that replacing FR-4 PCB material with Soluboard would save 10.5kg of carbon and 620g of plastic per square meter of PCB.

             Currently, Infineon has produced three different types of PCB demonstration boards based on Soluboard substrates and plans to gradually expand its product range in the future.


Soluboard substrate soaked in warm water

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