Electrical Test (E-test)

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The electrical test is performed before delivering the PCBs. Usually, all the PCBs will go through E-test after manufacturing. Open circuits and short circuits are the default test types. PCBGOGO also provides other test types according to customers' requirements.

The function of the electrical test for PCBs

The electrical tests have become an irreplaceable test method for PCBs with blind vias and buried vias except for the visual inspection and the AOI. Only E-test can check out the missing connections on the board. The main electrical testing procedures for PCBs are listed as following:

a. circuits open and short testing

b. capacitance testing

c. resistance testing

d. comparative testing

e. flip testing

f. continuity testing

g. adjacency testing

Electrical test at Onlitex

With the PCB designs become more complex and smaller, the need for E-test becomes more critical. All the PCBs need to be tested by one of the E-test methods to ensure that all vias are connected because AOI cannot find this issue.

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