Fire Training and Emergency Drill Program

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At 4:30 p.m. on July 10, all the employees jointly participated in fire training and on-the-spot exercise to further strengthen fire control safety awareness, fire fighting capacity, and ability to cope with emergencies.

On the spot, professional popularize knowledge to employees on how to avoid fire, how to rescue themselves when a fire occurs, and relevant precautions for fire emergency treatment, and explain how to distinguish and use dry powder fire extinguishers.


Subsequently, every single employee experienced the operation and use of fire extinguishers and carried out on-site fire extinguishing, responded quickly to fire, correctly used fire fighting equipment and put them into fire extinguishing action.


Through this training exercise, Onlitex further strengthens the importance of fire safety, enhances the safety awareness, and improves the response ability of disaster prevention and mitigation.


To conclude, it also effectively improves the company's employees'emergency handling ability in response to fire incidents, enhances their awareness of prevention and self-rescue capabilities, and lays a good foundation for ensuring the company's safe production.

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