LCR Digital Bridge

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LW2811C LCR digital bridge is a microprocessor-based technology to automatically

measure the inductance L, capacitance C, impedance R,

Loss tangent D, the quality factor Q of the intelligent parameter measuring

instruments. The instrument will be practical features, good performance and


Lee operation of integration, can be widely used in factories, institutions and other

users of the components of the parameters of accurate measurement.

The instrument uses advanced measurement theory and five-terminal

measurement technology can be long-term precision measurement without special


To ensure accurate measurement of the instrument, please use the instrument's

"0" function will be caused by the test folder spurious

Capacitance and lead resistance to be removed

Measurement parameters: Inductance (L) Capacitance (C) Resistance (R) Quality

Factor (Q) Dissipation Factor (D)

Measuring frequency: 100Hz 1KHz 10KHz

Current level: 0.3vrms ± 10% (no load)

Measure the speed: 4-8 times / s

Measuring range

L: 0.01H-9999H Q: 0.001-9999

C: 0.01PF-9999μF D: 0.0001-99999 R: 0.001Ω-99.99MΩ

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