Localization of performance liquid rubber

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                Recently, the 5000 ton/year liquid rubber unit of Sinopec Maoming Branch successfully produced a qualified product, "Liquid Rubber for High Frequency Copper Clad Laminate". The unit uses technology independently developed by Sinopec Beijing Chemical Research Institute, and its smooth operation marks the first localization of high-performance liquid rubber in China, which will provide key raw material support for the security of China's information industry.

                High frequency copper clad plate is an ultra-low dielectric loss electronic circuit substrate used in high-frequency electronic circuits, and is the most high-end electronic circuit substrate material in the field of copper clad plate. High performance liquid rubber is one of the preferred materials for high-frequency copper clad laminates. The high-frequency copper clad plate prepared from high-performance liquid rubber has characteristics such as low dielectric constant, low dielectric loss, and low water absorption. The signal propagation speed is fast, and the transmission process is not distorted. Due to the high technical wall thickness, key substrates used in high-end fields such as high-frequency copper clad plates in China are highly dependent on imports, which is one of the technical challenges that China's petrochemical industry needs to overcome.

                 Sinopec regards liquid rubber as one of the key research directions for high-end new materials, striving to break the current situation of China being constrained by others in this field. At present, Sinopec E has successfully developed 4 types, 8 high-end product grades, and production technologies based on high-performance liquid rubber technology, and will gradually achieve large-scale production. This series of high-end new materials will be widely used in 5G high-frequency communication such as mobile phones, computers, automobiles, military industry, aerospace, flexible printing with high environmental requirements for infants, food, cosmetics, as well as high-performance TPVs and green tires, which will greatly meet the demand for high-end liquid rubber products in the domestic market.

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