Manufacturing process of PCB

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Manufacturing process of PCB 

1. Open ingredients
Cut the large material into the size required for production. When opening the material, check the first piece of size, and pay attention to the surface scraping.

2. Drilling
The purpose of drilling: Positioning the drilling of the plate to assist in the subsequent production process and customer assembly to provide auxiliary. Pay attention to the number and size of the holes, check the punching of the aluminum surface, and the bias of the hole.

3. dry/wet film imaging
Dry/wet film imaging process: grinding plate -film -exposure -showing

4. acid/alkaline etching
Acid/alkali etching process: etching -retirement -drying -test board. After the dry/wet film imaging is reserved, the required line parts are retained. In addition to the excess parts of the line, you should pay attention to the corrosion of the etching potion on the aluminum substrate during acid etching. Pay attention to erosion, excessive etching, line width and line layout.

5. Welded welding, characters
The purpose of welding and characters in silk printing: protection does not require welding lines to prevent tin from entering the short circuit. Process: Silk Seal -Pre-grill -exposure -showing -character.

6. V-CUT, gong board
V-CUT-Gong Board-Tear Protective Film-Except Piece
① V-CUT: Cut the single PCS line with the entire PNL plate cutting a small part of the convenient packaging and removal and use
② Gong board: remove the excess part of the circuit board

7.test, OSP

1. Test, OSP process
Line test – resistance test -OSP

2. Test, the purpose of OSP
① line test: test whether the completed line works normally
② Voltage test: Detect whether the complete line can withstand the specified voltage environment
③ OSP: Make the line better tin welding

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