PCB Assembly

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We are proficient with PCB substrates including rigid board, flex circuit, and rigidflex hybrid circuits. Flexible component placement solutions include surface mount technology (SMT), plated thru-hole technology (PTH, THT) and mixed technology assemblies.

Our automated and manual assembly technologies and techniques allow us to handle manufacturing solutions for our customers ranging from small to medium and large production runs.


Printed Circuit Assembly Capabilities

Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

Plated Through Hole Technology (THT/PTH)

Mixed Technology (SMT, THT/PTH)

Lead and Lead-Free (RoHS)

No-Clean and Clean Fluxes

Single and Double-Sided Component Placement

Conformal Coating


Printed Circuit Board Construction



Rigid-Flex Hybrid

Single and Multilayer

Thickness: Min. = 0.015” / Max. = 0.235”

Dimensions: Maximum Array = 20” x 20


Component Specifications

Standard 0201 Packages: Up To 2.913” Square

01005 Placements Capable

Maximum Component Height = 0.787”

Fine Pitch, BGA, uBGA, QFN, POP, and Leadless

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