PCB Design Engineer

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- Major in Automation, Electronics and Electricity;

- Skillful use of Aluminum Designer, AutoCAD and other drawing software;

- More than 2 years experience in PCB Layout design;

- Solid theoretical knowledge of analog and digital circuits;

- Familiar with hardware circuit, strong practical operation ability;

- Good communication skills and team spirit.

Welfare advantage

1. Good Salary

Working five days a week, overtime according to the provisions of the Labor Law;

Every year, there are opportunities for promotion and salary increase. At the end of

the year, year-end awards will be awarded according to performance.

2. Training Program

A sound training system, with induction training, on-the-job training, external

training, job skills training and other training projects.

3. Holidays

At least one year's work, they are entitled to paid annual leave for 5 days. Every

year, he enjoys 11 national statutory holidays, including paid marriage leave,

maternity leave, funeral leave and transfer leave.

4. Insurance

Purchase five insurance and one fund for all formal employees.

5. Other welfare

Regularly organize rich recreational activities and excellent staff selection activities;

Factory built its own restaurant, adding meals once a week;

Full air conditioning plant, comfortable working environment; free of

accommodation and food, dormitory installation of air conditioning, hot water and

other living supporting facilities.

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