People that PCB manufacturers should cherish

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                In the past three years, the global supply chain has faced enormous challenges under the repeated COVID-19, frequent international economic and trade frictions, blocked global shipping, Russia-Ukraine conflict and other multiple impacts, whether it is material supply, supply chain logistics, talent flow, etc., are facing the risk of chain interruption.

               Under the chaos, building a resilient supply chain has become a topic that enterprises must face for survival

               At the same time, more and more PCB manufacturers are beginning to realize that suppliers are the people they need to cherish and treat the most.

               First, when PCB companies encounter difficulties, suppliers are often the first to provide timely assistance.

As the most fundamental industry in the electronics industry, PCB companies have experienced difficulties in order delivery and payment collection in recent years. Especially the difficulty of collecting payment for goods is really killing PCB companies. PCB is an asset-heavy industry, with hard costs such as employee salaries, social security, and property management fees often costing millions. If the payment cannot be collected, the risk of a company's capital chain breaking increases exponentially.


               The worst thing is that customers are often ruthless, banks are indifferent, and financial institutions take advantage of the situation.

                In this most embarrassing moment, only the suppliers, like their own brothers, stood silently behind them, providing supplies as usual, even accepting payment delays, giving PCB companies caught in crisis a respite.

              (Of course, this kind of lifelong friendship can usually be established on the basis of friendly cooperation.)

             Secondly, when PCB companies want to sprint towards higher and larger stages, the supplier is often the most hardworking person among the forces behind them.

              With the continuous iteration and upgrading of industry market demand, the development of technology continues to penetrate different scenarios and fields, and the demand for high-end and multi-functional PCBs continues to increase. PCB companies are wrapped in the tide of the times and are determined to sprint towards higher and larger stages.

              However, transitioning to the high-end market is challenging, with panels, equipment, potions, and oil being environmentally friendly Every detail has put forward new requirements, and relying on the efforts of PCB companies, it is difficult to achieve success.

                In order to help PCB companies achieve a qualitative leap, the suppliers behind them are relentlessly researching and innovating, not only keeping up with the rapid evolution of PCBs, but also forward-looking layout of intelligent automation, 5G new materials, etc., helping the entire PCB industry take great strides forward. It can be said that without the ultimate efforts of PCB suppliers, there would be no grand scene in the PCB industry today

                In summary, in the process of PCB enterprises leaping towards the high-end, various suppliers and PCB enterprises have a tacit cooperation, promoting each other, achieving each other, and meeting each other at the peak.

                Thirdly, when PCB companies are focused on their careers, suppliers silently provide good service and contribute to the cause of PCB companies

                Every circuit board starts with the raw materials provided by the supplier, and in the complex work of PCBs, PCB equipment, PCB chemicals, ink, and various types of boards also play their respective roles and are indispensable. The research and development, production, sales, after-sales service, and management of these suppliers closely affect the product quality, delivery time, and long-term reputation of PCB enterprises. It can be said that the quality of suppliers is the first layer of guarantee for the excellence of PCB enterprises

                 In order to make PCB enterprises famous both domestically and internationally, PCB suppliers are diligent and meticulous in doing every job they have, laying the strongest foundation for the success of PCB enterprises.

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