Select the Correct Tip Style for Your Test Probe

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During in-circuit tests (ICT) all components on the PCB are measured. In doing so, defective components are detected and can be replaced accordingly.

Function tests (FCT) check the entire intended function of a PCB. According to the intended area of use, the environment is replicated and the electrical performance of the PCB is checked.

In order to optimally fulfill the contacting requirements, various test probes are available. Depending on the contacted PCB, and the ambient conditions, Onlitex offers a variety of test probes:

Flying probe

Flying test probes are used in flying probe systems. Maximum precision and contacting accuracy is achieved by the geometry of the barrel, as well as the specialised beading, which enables contacting in 0.15 mm grids.

flying probe

International standard spring-loaded test probes
Two different versions are available: standard working stroke (4.3 mm) and longer working stroke (9.3 mm) for two-stage test fixtures combined with ICT and FCT. Wireless receptacles uses PCB transmission to realize wireless connection of test probe.

international standard


Compared with the standard test probe, the test probes has higher preload. 
This initial higher spring force guarantees a secure contact at the same final load (the spring force is equal to that of the comparable standard test probe at working stroke).

e type 

Rotating test probes 
In case of contact problems, reliable alternatives can be provided. A rotating movement during the stroke process scratches the contacted surface, thus insulating layers are securely penetrated. 

rotating test 

Bead test probes 
Are utilized to contact beads on PCBs. A variety of tip styles are available depending on the beads.

bead probe 

Fine-pitch test probes 
Are utilized to contact very small test point in small grids. These are sometimes mounted without receptacles.

fine probe

Metric test probes (metric standard)
In addition to the classic ICT/FCT test probes without collars, the metric standard test probes stand out for their stability and robustness and all feature a pronounced collar. 

metric probe 


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