What's PCBA? PCB vs PCBA

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  As previously stated, a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) consists of a thin, flat sheet of insulation on which electrically-conductive patterns are printed or engraved. These conductive patterns, made of copper or other conductive materials, form the pathways for electrical current to flow between different components on the board. PCBs are utilized to back up and link electronic components in a diversity of uses, such as PCs, telecommunications hardware, and consumer electronics.

bare pcb

  A Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) is the ultimate outcome of the manufacturing process of electronic items. It consists of not only the PCB but also all the electronic components that have been soldered onto it. PCBA is the last stage in manufacturing electronic items and is what is eventually sent to the customer.


  The key difference between PCB and PCBA lies in the fact that a PCB is a plain circuit board unadorned with any parts, whereas a PCBA includes both the PCB and its components. Moreover, PCBs are generally manufactured through fabrication, while PCBA assemblies are done manually or with automated machinery.

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