What's the Gerber?

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Initially developed by a company with the name of Gerber, Gerber format currently refers to a widely accepted standard PCB industry software sticks to, capable of describing circumstances of board images such as conductor layers, soldermask layers, legend layers.

Nowadays, three versions of Gerber formats are available:

✅Gerber X2 - the newest Gerber format with stackup data and attributes contained.

✅RS-274-X - an expanded version of Gerber format and it has been widely applied.

✅RS-274-D - the oldest version of Gerber format which is being gradually replaced by RS-274-X.

Gerber files should be inside a .rar or.zip archive with standard file extensions that is shown below.

Open PCB layout with Gerberview software and click File>>Open Project that is shown below.

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