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  • SMT Assembly Capability


    SMT, the full name is surface mount technology. SMT is a way to mount the components or parts onto the boards. Due to the better outcome and higher efficiency, SMT has become the primary approach used in the process of PCB assembly.In the past, PCB manufacturers mainly used through-hole assembly to Read More

  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)


    AOI refers to automated optical inspection, and it is an inspection method used in PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly. The AOI inspection machine uses high-resolution cameras and systems with different light sources such as fluorescence, UV, LED, and infrared to capture the image arrays. Then these Read More

  • Electrical Test (E-test)


    The electrical test is performed before delivering the PCBs. Usually, all the PCBs will go through E-test after manufacturing. Open circuits and short circuits are the default test types. PCBGOGO also provides other test types according to customers' requirements.The function of the electrical test Read More

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