• Localization of performance liquid rubber
    [Our Blogs] Localization of performance liquid rubber
    Recently, the 5000 ton/year liquid rubber unit of Sinopec Maoming Branch successfully produced a qualified product, "Liquid Rubber for High Frequency Copper Clad Laminate". The unit uses technology independently developed by Sinopec Beijing Chemical Research Institute, and its smooth
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  • PCB Analysis
    [Our Blogs] PCB Analysis
    Before the emergence of PCBs, circuits were composed of point-to-point wiring. The reliability of this method is very low because as the circuit ages, the rupture of the circuit can lead to an open circuit or short circuit at the circuit nodes. Wire winding technology is a significant advancement in
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  • People that PCB manufacturers should cherish
    [Our Blogs] People that PCB manufacturers should cherish
    In the past three years, the global supply chain has faced enormous challenges under the repeated COVID-19, frequent international economic and trade frictions, blocked global shipping, Russia-Ukraine conflict and other multiple impacts, whether it is material supply, supply chain lo
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  • ABF carrier board shortage will resume
    [Our Blogs] ABF carrier board shortage will resume
    ABF carrier board benefits from the diffusion of advanced packaging field, and the supply shortage will continue to expand for two consecutive years next year and the following year
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  • HASL(Hot Air Solder Leveling) vs OSP (Organic Solderability Preservative)


    The overall functionality of a PCB board depends upon the conductivity of copper tracks. These tracks tend to oxidize when exposed to the atmosphere, and creates problems when soldering during component placement. OSP or Organic Solderability Preservative does two things: Read More
  • Manufacturing process of PCB


    Manufacturing process of PCB 1. Open ingredientsCut the large material into the size required for production. When opening the material, check the first piece of size, and pay attention to the surface scraping.2. DrillingThe purpose of drilling Read More
  • pcba- lead free (ROHS) soldering


    The soldering process which uses a lead-free solder material is called RoHS or Lead-free Soldering. Lead (Pb) based elements are Mercury, Cadmium, Hexavalent Chromium, Polybrominated Biphenyls, and Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether. Over time these materials can form toxic substances which can threat Read More
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